Sunday, July 31, 2011

Søndager er Spinne

Or Sundays are for spinning!

On Wednesday I talked about how there was a super secret plan afoot and today you get to learn what that is.

Well I got a lovely Little Peggy Spinning wheel made in 1974 by Rappard. About 20,000 wheels were made before the company brand was sold to Ashford, who produced 1 batch of them before basing their Traveller off of it. Its a castle spinning wheel, so when your reading about sleeping beauty or Rumpelstiltskin, this is the type of wheel they would have been working on.

A Duncan Drumcarder, which needed a new drive band and when I called to order one I got the make's wife, who was very sweet and they've already mailed the band:

Jay was kind enough to give me all this and a book on spinning! I have to replace all the drive bands and the wheel needs a flyer, but Gunilla bought enough yarn that I can justify getting a flyer. I find its common when I see used spinning wheels, that have not been used in a while, for the fly to be missing. While one can search high and low for an original flyer, or get one custom made, I've decided to go a route less traveled and ordered a standard Ashford double drive flyer. Its the same flyer that was used in the Traveller, which was based off the Little Peggy, and after calling for some details, it sounds like it'll fit just fine. If its very close I plan on making new maidens to hold the flyer in the place it needs to be.

So please welcome my new tools to Radioactive Rabbit, and I'm going to spend the day dyeing roving to blend for the shop and for my own spinning!

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