Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Bottle Please

You know those days when you just want to call it quits and eat chocolate and drink a bottle of wine for dinner?

Well this was one of those days and I realized that losing my phone was caused by a domino effect of things.

It all started Thursday when I got off work early and had planned on taking a nap before driving up to Redwood City to see Harry Potter with my dad. I skipped the nap because I was too excited to sleep and drank lots of coffee to stay up.

I ended up in bed at 4am on Friday and did not sleep well because I was worried about sleeping through my alarm clock and being late to work.

I went to work and when I got home I packed up everything I thought I would need for camping. I forgot my hat and a few other things that would have been nice to have (but I had more then enough knitting, let me tell ya). We stopped at a gas station to gas up the van and to get drinks.

Well we got to the campsite up at William's Hill and unpacked in record time. I casted on the traditional hat to knit while camping and Ben and I went to bed early.

The next day Ben turned on his phone and there was a voice mail from my dad. Seems that when we had stopped at the gas station I had dropped my phone. Being that I was basically the walking dead from lack of sleep on Friday I was not too surprised this happened. I was not thrilled either when I called it and it went straight to voice mail. I texted my phone from Ben's instructing the person that had it to call Ben's phone.

We enjoyed our view:

And read a lot:

I decided to enjoy my day and just read and knit. The point of us being there was to have fun and relax. I had no computer, no work, and now no phone to distract me. I finished two of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and read through most of Dead in the Family while knitting Jared Flood's Turn a Square. Simple knit with jogless stripes and Ben likes it so much he's put in an order for one in the same colors and everything. I think he would have stolen it right then and there if it was big enough for him.

Next day I tried calling the phone a couple times in the morning and it would ring through but no one picked up, so I decided to stay calm, I could live without my phone for another afternoon. Ben and I packed up, I finished the hat before we left camp and we agreed on stopping at the gas station hoping the person who found it left it with the clerk.

Well no phone at the gas station and when we got home I called it again. This time someone did pick up. After they said hello I introduced myself and then they promptly hung up. I tried calling back several times and when they would not answer I checked my phone records. Seems the asshole had been texting, making calls, and downloading shit to their hearts content. I suspended my phone service at once and began filing a claim. Luckily I have things like unlimited texting, downloading, and they had only used about 30 minutes.

I really just don't understand this person's logic. Why call my dad to let them know they have my phone? Why would they have gone through that trouble when they were just going to keep it? Why couldn't they have just given it to the clerk at the gas station? Would they have done the same thing with someone's keys or wallet? Why be polite enough to make a call to my dad and then do this?

I just don't understand this person, but I do understand I will be going to Tmobile tomorrow and getting a new phone, and that they have a useless phone now unless they get a plan and a SIM card.

I'm now going to go play with the 4 drop spindles I have because I'm teaching Caren to spin on Tuesday and I want to make sure one of them is good enough for her.

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