Saturday, July 9, 2011

Symptoms of Startitis

I currently have Leeleetea's lovely Reunion cowl on the needles, a sock that needs only a toe and after thought heel, my grandma Sue's Girasole that has 1 more repeat to its chart then the edging, I have a half finished Lace Scroll Sock in the closet that I'm at the heel of, and Ben's Tartan socks have not seen the light of day for months.

Really you would think that this would keep my interests from wondering, but I'm looking at starting so many projects.

I want to knit Leeleetea's Sweelty Worn Set for my grandma P or cast on the hat for Kristin's hubby. But then I have more yarn coming for my second Reunion Cowl,  2 Carnaby skirts by Nikol Lohrmy, I dyed yarn for Kristin's Sweetly Worn mits and hat, and my  Giant's Ravelry group is doing a KAL that I have yarn I just dyed for myself I could use!

Should I just rotate to another nearly done project? Will a second Reunion Cowl in a different color do it for me? Should I start on the Christmas knitting that needs to get done anyhow? What about my skirts? I've been working hard on losing weight and maybe the skirts will keep me on task? Even though Kristin's and my trade will not be completed till Sept, should I start knitting one of the things on her list to get a jump on it and maybe send it early?

Tell my what to do and how you prioritize knitting before I come down with full blown Startitis!

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