Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yarn Check Up and Dye Day Coming!

Tuesday night knit night was a blast. Everyone had projects to show with my yarn!

Claire has casted on two socks and loves the pink one but is on the fence about how the colors are turning out in the multi one
I think it looks cute with its little toe up cap

Penny had to rib out much of her's due to picking it up and knitting the wrong way, but I still think the colors are going to pool so they spiral down the foot.

And Caren is nearly done with a Bird's Nest Smoke Ring. Its funny because I did this same pattern last year and I had such a hard time with it. I'm so happy she's doing well with it. Maybe my seeing it done with my yarn will make me forgive it.

Warning: items maybe closer then they appear
I'm doing the Sweetly Worn Shawl for my grandma P in Giants colors and I'm hoping to finish it while in line for Harry Potter from 8pm-midnight tonight.

Also, you might have noticed that there is a pattern called baby stars peaking out from behind it. I've been test knitting it for a week now and I think I might have it done to my liking. Hopefully it'll be released sometime next week and kits will be up in the shop!

On a dyeing note I have made an order for alpaca roving and more yarn. I'll be doing a dye day on the 23rd, to ship on the 25th, so get your custom orders in by the 22nd!

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