Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Sneak Peak

On Sunday I will be dyeing over a dozen new skeins to go into the shop, some roving that has special potential, and a bunch of these little mini skeins:

It is one of the final steps in creating the "Baby Stars" sock kits! I'm super excited about these kits because it allows you to play with a variety of colors, they are baby sock which are quick and easy to make, and its the first pattern I designed. I have been working on the pattern for 2 weeks trying to get it just right and knit a total of 4 socks. That is 4 individual socks, never a pair, because I'd finish one, look at my notes and cast on the next one in a different yarn. Now I get to go back and knit the mate to all the socks. Lets not even try to guess how long that might take me to do.

I will be introducing a new blog schedule (actually "the" blog schedule since there has not been one).

Sunday will be for spinning
Wednesdays will be a recap of knit night and projects shared
Fridays will be what I'm doing over the weekend because I'm usually dyeing or working on a single project

I will also add one more some weeks if something super exciting has happened!

Like how I've joined Phat Fibers as a contributor! I'll be sending out fiber with September's Sampler Box and the theme is Enchanted Forest. Hopefully I'll have my drum carder in the next week and be able to start playing with it to make mixed color bats!

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  1. Just finished my first project with Radioactive Rabbit yarn! I loved working with it. The colors are gorgeous. And the skein was generous: pattern called for 400 yds and I had a lot leftover from just one 400-yd-skein.