Friday, July 8, 2011

Yarn Everywhere

On the 5th I took the yarn to my knit night and it was a huge success!

The colors had come out vibrant and people could not stop touching them.

Penny got the skein she declared was her's at the dye day and found another that was just so very her

Claire swore that she was only going to get two and use cash, but in the end she ended up with three and some roving

Meghan found a few she liked (did not help that Caren was putting yarn down in front of her), but she settled on two

And Caren can be seen in the following pictures looking at every skein and nearly stealing one of Penny's

She ended up being very happy with her selections and I'll be teaching her how to spin next week!

She's excused from getting so much because she knows friends that have babies on the way and I owed her for some prints of her artwork. She's a really gifted painter and she was really helpful when dyeing because of her great eye for color.

Sadly though all of this dyeing and post to the shop has caused me to lag on my knitting. To make up for it after the girls left on Sunday I went to the movies and saw Bad Teacher and the Green Hornet. I knit on my Reunion cowl through both movies and gained a little over an inch! That's lace weight over 430 stitches! I was so proud that I had done half a week's knitting and now I'm halfway through the cowl just in time for my new shipment of yarn to come in and it includes enough lace weight for another cowl! I'm in love....

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