Thursday, July 7, 2011

These are the dyes of our lives...

Its all over. All of the wool that was going to be dyed has been dyed. Yes there is more wool on the cone, but that can wait till another day! 48 skeins in total with 10 things of roving!

I found that I can watch wool float in water like a child watches fish. It is amazing how you can watch the yarn soak up the water and begin to bloom

I use my washer to soak and rinse the yarn because the spin cycle takes out most of the water. I just let it fill, turn off the agitator, toss the yarn in, and come back 30 mins later to put it on the spin cycle. Presto, 10 mins later I have damp skeins that are ready to dye or be dried.

Ben snapped this photo of my mixing dyes before Caren and Meghan came over. I used really hot water to mix the dye in as the directions say, but then the bottles are really hot so I started using warm tap water instead. I admit that there is a bit of a learning curve and I think its going to come down to my preparing the dyes the day before with hot water so that all of the dye dissolves. I also learned that I can use less dye (directions lied about that one).

Caren and Meghan had a blast on Saturday. We had homemade pizza, and I just let them at it. Their color choices are amazing (just like them)

The next day I had Clair and Penny over. Penny brought the best basil limeade and lemon bars ever (I ended having a lemon bar frozen for breakfast on the 4th). We had pizza and dyed the roving and rest of the skeins. Penny was a wealth of information on the mixing dyes, watering them down, how I should market, and just everything. She actually owns a few small businesses and has been most helpful at getting me to speak up a bit more then I have.

Check out the shop as I'm putting up the skeins as I can. I'm nearly through the first batch and I still have to get photos of the second batch.

Next time on Radioactive Rabbit I'll be sharing photos of knit night and what people bought!

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