Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the Works

Last night knit night was all about plans!

Plans for businesses, Lydia's wedding plans, Meghan and Caren's Sock Summit plans, plans for people moving, and plans for yarn.

Penny and I had a great conversation on the yarn selling plan since I have an appointment on Saturday at Gunilla's Emporium of Wonderment and Yarn (previously known as the Golden Fleece). I scoped out the place and she has some great art yarns and some roving, but I don't think any of it is local and most of the roving is single color.

Meghan and Caren are going to Sock Summit. They decided at the last minute to go, all the classes are full, they are currently learning the flash dance, and they have no plans other then to get there, go shopping and to take up the feel of it.

Caren has also promised to wear the Bird's Nest Smoke Ring Cowl she knit with one of my yarns and she might be dancing with a skein I'm dropping off to her tonight!

Yes it is that pink and she's that pretty

Penny is also going to get to pick some of the yarn before it hits the stores because I had some fun by myself and there are a lot of pastels and yarns that I was trying to dye to match pictures I've taken. The idea of matching yarn to pictures is part of a huge business plan that I've been loosely following (see, another plan).

(ignore the dye rag please)
I wonder what all those little
skeins on the far left are for....

Shhhh... Penny's yarn is the
middle green and pink one!
The far right on is my favorite!

Also, there are super secret plans in the works that will be unveiled next week!

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