Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving Forward Full Steam

This week has been very productive!

Ben finished this:

It is a skein winder that winds 2 cones at a time (the right two in this case, the third is waiting his turn). The entire thing but the center metal pin and the handle are made from PVC. He used a part from his van's air conditioner (yes, from one of our cars, he claims it does not need it), and a car window handle. 

Second is that the yarn, dye, and roving came (if you did not already realize that from the picture above).

Third is very obvious, if you've been following along and seen me play with the blog look, you will have noticed that I have a new banner. Yep, that's the official one and if you look at my profile picture you'll see my logo. Lynne (MizShoes on Ravelry) and her husband have been wonderful at helping me get the logo designed. I've named the him Jack.

Fourth is that I found the pictures of the knit group I took a couple weeks ago (I was sure the computer had eaten them):
Penny and Lorelai

Lydia and Clair
Meghan and Caren
Clair (who's really excited about something)
and Penny who is nodding along.

Each of these ladies are great. Clair has a great knowledge of knitting, Penny will always offer advise, Lydia knits items to donate, Lorelai claims she's new at knitting but she's catching it all really quickly, Caren is just so cheerful you can't stop smiling around her and Meghan can always make you laugh.

These ladies can turn around my mood in just a few hours and are a huge part of my support system in this new business adventure and this first dye batch is dedicated to them.

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