Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Part Time

Well I have a week of work left. Yep, 1 week.

As some of you may know I currently work at West Marine in the Visual Merchandising department as a temp. I've been working there since the end of March and I've applied to another department for a position, but they have yet to begin interviewing. I don't want to jinx it so I will not say more about this position but any good mojo you can send would be appreciated.

Luckily a friend has an opening at a paint store about 30 minutes away and he thinks he can get me in but it looks like that would not start for two weeks and is only part time.

This means I'll most likely have 6 days of no work then only part time after that.

I'm not sure whether to be happy for nearly a week off or scared.

On one hand I'll at least still have work and time to focus on the fiber, on the other I'll be strained financially till I can find a second job or a better one.

I'm really trying to focus on the fact that I'll a few days to clean the house, reorganized some stuff in storage, maybe get some sewing done, finish designing some patterns and knit. But I tend to go a little off the deep end when I'm not working enough. There was this one episode a few years ago when I went on a huge cleaning spree while testing out my new blender by making margaritas. It ended when I finished repainting a hallway because I could not get the walls clean.

Does someone see how horribly wrong this can go? Me working at a paint shop and having extra time on my hands... yeah...


Tomorrow looks like the day I'll be getting a spinning wheel and drum carder. The guy in the department, who is hiring for unsaid position, has been storing some spinning tools for over a year. He knows I knit and had them from his mother, but no idea what they were for or how to use them. Yes, he knew what a spinning wheel was and what it was suppose to do, but not how to use it. He called the drum carder "a box with prickly wheels in it" and was amazed when I explained to him what it does. I think I might knit him some mittens.

If all goes well I might have lots to do the 6 days I'm off!

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