Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Knit Night and a Book

Last night was that night I look forward to all week. Knit night.

I had brought my drumcarder with its new drive band to show everyone how it worked and to get fiber prepared for today when my new spinning stuff is suppose to arrive. On my last dye day I'd sectioned off some of my corriedale roving that my good friend Jeanne Marie had given me a couple years ago and dyed it in a bunch of colors.Then last night I blended each individual color with some fawn colored alpaca and my plan is to spin it all up tonight into a lace weight for a colorful shawlette!

I also have 4 more ounces of the grey corriedale that I'm going to blend with some black dyed alpaca for Ramble On mittens for Jay who gave me the wheel and carder. He's the kind of man that will not wear color on his hands. Sigh.

Also, Caren and Meghan gave me the best gift ever! A signed and personalized copy of The Secret Life of a Knitter, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I was so excited and touched by the gift I felt a little sick. I really cannot convey how much she has helped me.

When I got home last night I sent her an email thanking her for signing and personalizing the book and thanking her for all she had done for me.

Really if it was not for her I would not have the friendship I do with Caren or Meghan, I would not have a weekly knit night group to look forward to, and I most likely would not have my business. I would not have these friendships because I had not met very many people that love wool and fibers as much as I do. Jeanne Marie was one of the few who really got me before I got into knitting and when I checked my email this morning I think Stephanie hit the nail on the head when she wrote:

"You're a wool person, and there's no stopping that. If it hadn't have been me, it would have been someone else to help you to your destiny! "

And its true. You would have thought that all the wool around me would have tipped me off.

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  1. Oh, how sweet! What a terrific post.... We were *very* excited to get the book signed for you!