Friday, August 5, 2011


12 seems to be a very interesting number:

12 makes a dozen
12 is how many months are in a year
12 is a semiperfect number
The Western and Chinese Zodiac's have 12 symbols each
There are 12 hours in the am and the pm
There are 12 Function keys on most computers
There are 12 Cylon human models as well as 12 lords of Kobol in BSG

And it seems to be my average posts per month. Take a look ->

I credit this to there being about 4 weeks in a month and I try to post at least 3 times a week. It seems I'm hitting my goal then :)

This week has been a rather exciting and busy one. Its the third week in a row where I've been gone most nights with friends and knit night and the house is starting to show it.

The dining room table is covered in yarn, skeiners, and fiber, there is stuff piled in front of the third bedroom/storage room that need to go in but you can't get into the room because Ben and I have been taking stuff out since we went camping and then we put the excise bike in the doorway so you could move through the hall easily, and my dye stuff is still in the backyard all set up like I'm about to dye.

First off I've got no more fiber to dye. Its all dyed and I'm right now in the process of buying a little over 20 lbs total of corriedale, silk, alpaca, and angelina (sparkly stuff is all you need to know). Its for the Phat Fiber sample boxes in September. The theme is Enchanted Forest and I have plan for not only my samples but about 30 other bats as well. So the sooner I get the third bedroom organized the sooner I can relax about the huge wool order I'm placing next week.

Second, once I get the third bedroom cleaned I can put all the current fiber stuff in there and in a place I can get to it.

Third, I just need to clean the damn backyard. My next big dye day is September 17th with Caren, Meghan and a guest. I'll be doing one dye dye on August 19th, but that's just for fleeces and its a very relaxing dye process that will only require 5 colors for the sample bats. I just need to get the corriedale cleaned by then and the plan is to get a few crock pots, set them all up with fiber in them and then toss the dye in. It'll take one day for the dyeing and one day for the rinsing. Then I'll have 2 weeks to get all the bats blended. Currently I'm just keeping an eye out for crock pots for dyeing (they can't be used for food afterwards). I have a mini one that can do 1 bat or 1 skein at a time, but I'm looking for 4 regular/large size ones so let me know if you see any at a good price.

Lastly, I got the spinning wheel up and running! Pictures to come on Sunday of what I'm spinning!

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