Sunday, August 7, 2011

Søndager er Spinne, a Pattern, and Being Domestic

I have been very busy spinning this:
The yarn is fairly fuzzy!

It's 62 yards of my dyed corriedale with fawn alpaca. I've done a Navajo ply with a very thin single. I plan on spinning up the rest so  I can start thinking up a project. I'm starting to lean towards mittens. There are a pair in Knit & Spin that take only 160 yards...

Oh and there was much excitement this week as my Baby Stars pattern is now up on Ravelry:

Its on sale at Ravelry for $2! Great way to use leftover sock yarn!

Also, Ben and I have been busy cleaning the house today and last night's and tonight's dinner is this:

Beer and cheddar soup with fresh made bread
We also cleaned up the third bedroom and Ben is currently running out to get a dresser he told me I could put yarn in! I was shocked when he pitched the idea and had to make sure he was serious. He was and I just about melted into a puddle. I think I might cook something special next weekend for him!

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