Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm all alone

Tonight is the first time since before Christmas I'm alone in the house and its going to last more then an hour or two!

Ben is usually home when I am, and the roommate sometimes leaves for the weekend but there are times Ben leaves and the roommate gets home at the same time. Does not help we all work at the same place and there was this short time period when I would leave for work at 8am and Ben would be on his lunch break at the same time.

But this weekend all that changes!

Ben and the roommate are going camping!

It started out as Ben and I going camping, but after some of his friends expressed interest in going I bowed out and suggested a guy trip.

While I miss my honey I have already cleaned the house, I'm sitting in the middle of the couch, ordered pizza with tons of vegetables on it, and I have plans to play with fiber.

You see on Tuesday night Penny dropped off over a pound of some really fun stuff I'd ordered through her. Its angelina. You can spin it with other fibers, or use it with heat to apply it to fabrics.

I plan on spending tonight eating pizza, watching whatever I want on TV and playing with my drumcarder while blending different color fibers and this sparkly stuff, then spin it tomorrow!

Can't wait to share pictures tomorrow!

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