Sunday, August 14, 2011

Could have gone better

Well this weekend could have gone better.

First on the way to the campsite I find that my iPod shuffle did not download the last half of The Historian correctly and it was all out of order. 

Then I realized that because I planned on just listening to the last 17 hours of my audiobook, that I had not packed an actual book. Epic fail.

Ben was nice and let me stop at the Rite Aid on the way to the camp site where I got my choice between bad romances, some horror and the Twilight series. I sadly ended up with High Country Bride and Eclipse, as the horror leaned towards mystery murders and I prefer werewolves and ghosts.

Then when we settled in at the camp site I realized that I did not have my book holders and therefor could not knit and read at the same time. Having forgotten my sock I settled for reading a few pages of my book and then knitting Ben's hat. 

After his hat was done I got some work on the lace shawlette done and finished the country romance book. The book could have been much worse and having read some romance for the book store I use to work for it was on the decent side. Lots of story and not too much of the naughty going on. I got through 2 chapters of Eclipse which is more then the first time I tried to read it.

But I got a lot done on the lace shawlette. I'm nearing the end of the ball of yarn, I have 53 rows to go, and my gauge is a little larger then recommended, but the pattern called for 416 yards and the ball of yarn I'm using is 400 yards. 

I'm knitting really quickly to see if I can beat the ball of yarn to the finish line. 

I really think I can!

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  1. And I thought it was just me who hurried to the end of yarn in the hope of not running out. :-) I hope you win!