Friday, August 12, 2011

Yay Weekends!

This weekend I'm going camping!

I'm big on camping and though I'm a tree hugging hippy pescetarian from Santa Cruz, one of the things I'm looking forward to most is shooting!

About once a year we go shooting, and though its not a skill I have ever used in a practical way, I do enjoy being able to shoot accurately. It makes the little part of me that always wonder about the zombie wars happy to know I have skills that would allow me to fight back and live.

I will also be following tradition and making a hat. Usually I cast on on the drive down but I already have Jared Flood's Turn a Square on the needles because Ben wanted the exact one I had made for Cody, and I cast it on so that I would not forget it. 

I'm also bringing a sample I'm knitting for Yarns by the Sea that I started on Saturday, grandmother's giants Sweetly Worn Shawl (pictured below, I have to finish it this weekend and block Sunday night because I see her Monday night), mPointelle sock, and my Reunion Cowl, just in case there is not enough light to do pattern by at night.

Taken at the Giants Stitch and Pitch
Think I have enough for 2 days out in the wilderness and 4 hours in the car?


  1. I'd love to find out if I'm any good at shooting straight, like you, not to gun things down, just to know if I have the skill.