Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP It Good

This week's preorder winner is Kallieen! She is the lucky winner of 3 skeins of sock yarn and a copy of Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter! She will now be able to join in the KAL in October when I and a few friends will be knitting the Airy Wrap Around Lace Sweater.

I highly recommend ordering your yarn now through the preorder, that way you can have your own colorway and join in, as there might be a contest/giveaway in October!

To answer a few questions, when you preorder your yarn your name will be entered in every week's giveaway from your order date till the last giveaway. Free shipping on orders of $100 means free shipping to anywhere, not just in the US.

So take a look at your Christmas list and think about what yarns you need and how you can get a jump start on it!

This week's giveaway prize for preorder prize will be another kit and the free giveaway will receive stitch markers!

This week's free giveaway ties into the WIP War! I want you all to share what your working on and email me a picture of it to radbitdyer AT! I'll post the pictures of some of the WIPs on the Sunday blog and if you include a blog name I'll share it as well!

Lets get those projects finished!

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