Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIPs Wednesday

It's currently 5am in the morning (I've had zero caffeine) and I'm taking a short break from knitting to share with you my current goal.

As some of you know I have requirements for when I cast on new knitting, I have to finish at least 2 items already on the needles.

Sometimes this leads me to actually hunting down something small and quick to finish (I'm notorious for knitting only one fingerless mitten) or I look critically at my projects and frog items which are not working out so I can free up a set of needles.

Recently I have frogged a hat that was bleeding dye so badly that it was rubbing off onto my fingers and needles, I have finished 2 fingerless mittens, a scarf, socks and a shawlette.

But I have casted on a baby sweater and some socks.

However, when I look at my knitting list I still have about 220 estimated hours of knitting on the needles right now.

So in light of this new event I have decided that on Wednesdays I will only work on the item is listed at the very bottom which means it needs the most work on it.

Currently at the bottom is the Crown Prince Square Shawl . I estimate that it will take me 60 hours to complete. I'm basing this on how fast I knit the Swallowtail Shawl, (40 hours), and how much quicker I am knitting now then when I knit that.

This is how much I have so far:

So in order to finish its deadline by May I'm dedicating 2 hours a day to this single knit in hope that it will magically be finished sometime next month and I can take it off the list.

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