Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Its Like a Virus

Earlier in the week I heard the word "Baby".

To me this can be like catching the flu when I hear the word and it causes me to start wanting to make tons of little things. I usually use the act of making baby stuff as a way to test things like lace patterns, and sock ideas (I learned short row heels on baby socks), and to try out new yarns, or to just get rid of yarn.

This time however I was surprised by the reaction because I don't even know the person having the baby. This might mean I'm a little odd, but its a reminder to me that there are tons of cute patterns out there that someday I would like to try.

While I'm still trying to get a hand on the projects I already have going, and not cast on a million things, I have realized that I still have goals to reach and that maybe I can use this to my advantage.

Currently I'm learning to use Intwined Pattern Studio to write patterns and charts. I already use sock wizard to do the math for sock sizes I'm not familiar with, but this one is really handy for creating charts. I love working with charts as its easier for me not to lose my place on them, unlike written instruction which I use post its to keep my place.

I'm also learning how to do stranded knitting this year and I want to try steeking.

So I went off and wrote a pattern that I'm now test knitting for a baby sweater:

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