Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lets Try This Again

Sorry about yesterday's blog. I have been having some computer trouble that will be resolved in the next couple of months.

What happened on Tuesday was that Anna, Kendra and I went up to the city to spend a day at the museums. But first there was much fun to be had the night before with hot pot and anime all night long.

The Pope Squid hat
Teresa opening another bottle of wine.
We found that a bottle goes very quickly
 between 6 people 

I asked them to look excited while going through bart

The Jewish Heritage has this cool fountain with stepping stones
in front of it. We skipped across several times.
I love the architecture of the city.

The Black Sabbath exhibit that explores that use of Yiddish
and Jew themes in Jazz music sung by Blacks 

Anna and I listening at one of the tables and exploring some
of our favorite music. I'm also knitting a sock.

A poster at Coffee Choice that amused us.
The coffee and bagels were great and the price better

An instillation piece that is hung right above the lobby of the Moma.
When you get to the second floor on the stairwell landing you can see
that the lights go of and on to show two people dancing with what looked to
be a rope.

Where's Waldo?

The garden top of the Moma is like a playground to us

I'm watching the security guard that had been following us through the garden top as we posed around the statues and
explained to her that we were not actually touching anything.
I'm actually balancing there and Kendra is just pretending.

I returned home with a sock nearly completed and so tired I just about fell into bed after driving home.

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