Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Joys of Being a Grown Up

The other night over hot pot we ladies were all sitting around the table and discussing living with our parents as one of our number has had to move back in with her mother. This now means that I'm now the only one who is not living under their parent's roof.

It also means that while my friends are trying to prove to their folks that they are grown ups and can make their own decisions, I've been on my own for nearly 8 years and have nothing to prove. I love taking advantage of the fact that those things my mother told me not to do, I can now do and there is no one to tell me no. Kind of reminds me of my favorite strip from Queen of Wands.

Ben saw evidence of this the other day when he was walking through the kitchen and asked me if I was making Easter eggs because I was making hard boiled eggs and dyeing them blue. I pointed out that it was really helpful to know which eggs are hard boiled when they share a container with raw eggs.

I then let him know he's lucky I can't find a crayon in the house.

What silly things do you like to do now that your on your own?

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