Friday, December 2, 2011

T Minus 22 days

Till Christmas!

Are you feeling the pressure?

I'm actually not freaking out yet.

I have not even been knitting that much. I'm more freaked out over how to cook roast beef and heat up the spiral sliced ham for Christmas Eve dinner then I'm worried about the knitting (oh and I solved the cooking crisis but finding directions on how to heat ham in a crockpot then glazing it in the oven).

Maybe by sharing the list with you I'll freak out like I should and get on it:

Behind on:
Spinning for a cowl and knitting it
Knitting slippers
Spinning a scarf
Knitting a pair of socks
Pair of mittens
Knit a hat
Fingers on gloves

Need to start after Colorado:
Pair of slippers
2 pairs of socks
Fingerless mittens these are really due after Christmas)
2 sweaters
Pair of mittens
1 Scarf
Finish a cowl
Spinning dk yarn

If I try really hard tomorrow while we get a Christmas tree I think I can get the hat and a mitten out of the way. Then Sunday knit the slippers and spin the yarn for the cowl. Monday knit the cowl and do 3/5 fingers on gloves. Tuesday the rest of the fingers and finish the second mitten.

Then I'll reserve Wednesday for anything I let slip through the cracks and be back on schedule for the holidays and knit the pairs of socks and finish the cowl in Colorado.

How is your Holiday knitting coming? Are you feeling the pressure yet?

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