Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flying Knitter

This knitter is about to take off for Colorado tomorrow and being that its the holiday season  I have to take knitting with me.

I have the following:

Yarn and patter for Fiber Trends Slippers

Yarn, 1/3 done Birds Nest Smoke Ring Cowl and matching yarn for Mitt Envy

Yarn that I will weave into a scarf
Leftovers from last years SF Giants Blanket

Yarn and magazine with pattern for 1846 Gordon Highlanders Regimental Socks (aka Tartan Socks)

Yarn for a Slytherin Scarf:

And I have yarn for a shawl and a pair of socks

All of this fits into one compartment of my backpack and my backpack is not that large and here is a picture of all the yarn in it:

All you can see is the baggy containing the cowl and the rest of the yarn is sitting in the first compartment right behind the North Pak Logo.

How did I do it you might wonder. Well there is a small trick I learned when trying to organized the stash. I baggied all my yarn and then kneeled  on it to push out all the air and zipped it shut! THis is what the yarn looked like after I baggied it and before putting it into the bag:

A few other things that you might think about packing when leaving for the holidays or traveling is a interchangeable needle set with case. I adore my Boye NeedleMaster  and I have also tossed in a small pair of scissors, a nail file, tapestry needles, nail clippers, stitch markers, sticky notes, 1 set of sock needles, measuring tape, a pen, a stitch holder and crochet hooks. With the zip up case I can keep all these things in there and whenever I'm running out the door for knit night, or traveling I can just grab this case and know I'm set (just make sure you put everything back in the case after using it).

Another tip for knitters that are flying is to travel with your knitting in an easy to reach pocket. There might be times your stuck in lines, or they might want to see the knitting at security and if you put it someplace accessible you'll be able to whip it out with a problem.

My last tip is to make sure you have a book just in case. I'm borrowing a friend's Nook for my trip just in case there is a problem with me knitting on the flight. You never know if one of the people sitting next to you or your stewardess might have a problem with your knitting.

Now I'm all set!

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