Friday, December 16, 2011

Back at it

Well I'm back from Colorado and man was I busy out there.

First there was the Caer Galen Midwinter feast which was the reason I went during this busy time to visit my good friends Jeanne-Marie and Jim. We had originally met at the 2008 Midwinter when my ex and I had seen a sign for SCA, and being the sword fighting geeks we are we followed the sign. The first person we met was Jim who turned me over to Jeanne-Marie and from there she and I became close fiber friends.

Jeanne-Marie is a wonderful weaver as can be attested by these towel:

While I currently don't have pictures of myself at the Midwinter I do have a picture of myself at the archery practice:

All was well and good till the string of the bow caught on my arm:

Immediate swelling and bruising
I'm actually a left handed archer so the entire thing was rather awkward but I did hit the bulls eye a few times and had tons of fun.

I also knitted this lovely Honey Pot One Skein Shawl  in San Fran Shops for Jeanne-Marie:

 I knitted Jim slippers and finished them at 3am the day I was leaving which I think was really my first "IT" moment of the holidays.

On Wednesday I was determined to finish the slippers and stayed up really late to finish them, then before going to bed I packed up at which point Jim got up for work and gave me that look that said that he thought I was crazy. Around 4am I got to bed and woke up at 7:30am so Jeanne-Marie and I could have a cup of coffee together before she dropped me off at the airport for my 12pm flight.

I slept the entire time on the plane and then drove from SFO to Santa Cruz just in time for my Macroeconomics final.  It went well and at this time I have caught up on sleep just in time to stay up all night knitting a hat that has to be wrapped and presented as a gift at 10am tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!

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