Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When an Injury can be a Good Thing

You know when you hear about a knitter that has had an injury to the leg and foot and you almost envy them because you think of all that time they get to sit around knitting and it just can't be helped? Well what about a reoccurring injury to the foot? Wouldn't you love to have one of those around this time of year?

Years ago when I was young I was hit by a car and one of the things injured was my foot and it never really healed properly. On occasion my metatarsal 1 on my left foot likes to pop out of place and it can happen randomly without pain or, on occasions such as this one, its out of place but does not fully pop in or out of place and there is much pain.  My doctors have always told me that when this happens just to stay off it till it works itself out one way or another.

So my plan today is to knit like a mad woman while listening to Harry Potter and since its my left foot I can still spin.

Go ahead and feel envious

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