Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We only have a handful of days till the big man is here!

Things are rocking and rolling over at my house as I get the last minute knitting done, cookies baked, cleaning the house and presents wrapped.

Every year Anna and I usually spend an entire day in the kitchen baking cookies, however this year I drove up to her house and we only baked a double batch of my very popular chewy gingersnaps:

Gingersnaps are the top ones

These cookies disappear almost as quickly as my pumpkin bread (only a little slower as I bake more of them then the bread).

I'm also baking sugar cookies as per tradition and peanut butter cookies per Ben's request to make the fork marks in the top of them.

Baking  and cooking is a very big deal in my family because our family motto is "Food is Love." You can hear us whispering this to each other as my Grandma P tries to get my dad to take a third helping of turkey, or reminds me that she has just refilled the peppermint patty jar. When I do my rounds for the holidays you will always find me with a small thing of cookies or bread to give to friends and family.

This year is also a very special one because Ben and I are hosting Christmas Eve dinner and I'll be cooking for both our families. You might have even noticed that one of my previous post had pictures of yarn in front of our very first Christmas Tree out our place.

With all this baking, hosting and cooking I've been very busy and have to say that the knitting schedule has gotten somewhat disorganized. I'm to the point that one project completed a day is a wonderful day! The good news is that I finished the Christmas shopping on Thursday so now all I'm waiting for are packages in the mail and the gifts I do have are already wrapped and in or under the tree.

Today and tomorrow I will be knitting slippers!

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