Monday, November 28, 2011

Manic Monday

Today I dyed the last of my undyed stock.

I have the West Marine Craft Show on Wednesday and I'll be bringing all of my stock to the show to hopefully make some extra money for another yarn order before the 2nd.

This now means I have to dry the yarn, re-skein it and then label it.

Which because I'm so busy I have barely any time to write the blog today so I'm going to give you this gem that is an older blog post of mine that somehow never got posted. I don't know why it was never posted but I feel that the manic tone it was written in hints to the idea that I might have been a wee bit busy when I wrote it.

Written 11/11/11:

Can we sing Christmas Carols yet?

Yesterday I spend a lot of time on my recumbent bike knitting while I rode it.

In the latest book by the Yarn Harlot she talked about adding layers to make something more interesting. I found that when I have to do plain knitting, for lets say a scarf, then I do need to add a layer or two to keep it interesting. I'll listen to books on tape and ride the bike without really noticing the mile's I'm clocking.

I also finished up the menu for Christmas Eve and the Christmas list.

The Christmas menu was something on the to do list since I like to make sure I can get all my dry goods before the holiday rush happens.

The Christmas list was not planned and a little worrisome.

I had my Christmas schedule open on my computer that I rarely ever shut down and when I folded it up and went to bed I had not saved the file thinking it would be there in the morning just like the last few days, or it would auto save. However, my computer had updates and needed to restart and I was using Notepad which does not auto save so I lost all of it.

In my usual Santa Cruz upbringing rather then flip out, like I wanted to, I remembered to "Breathe deep, seek peace." Its my favorite line out of a book ever and it reminds me that just because one little thing has gone wrong does not mean the world will stop moving (even if that funny feeling in my stomach makes me feel like it might). It ranks up there with the phase "Dude, chill."

I could not remember what was on that schedule because I knew some stuff had gotten added recently, but I had the booklet list and the actual Christmas list still so I pieced it together. I still have about 1 week unclaimed, which is odd because I know from my sticky notes that I'm really 3 days behind.

At this point all I want to do is be able to hum Christmas songs while planning the lists.

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