Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A few weeks ago when we had our first few rainy days Ben and I started to poke the thermostat. When it stayed at 74°F even after a night of keeping the windows open we started giving each other worried glances and muttering about how it might need to be replaced. However, it got warm again and we forgot about it.

Now I grew up in a house where when your cold your told to go put on a long sleeve shirt or a sweater, but I'm almost always cold so I usually take a hot water bottle to bed with me (actually I have one warming my feet right now). Ben on the other hand will suck up the cold because he's responsible for the heating bill and I respect that and don't ask to turn on the heat, I just make comments on how cold it is.

The last couple days its been cold to the point that Ben had poked at the thermostat and yesterday when he had no luck with it he told me that if I could get it working I could heat the house as much as I wanted all day! I jumped to the task, and after playing with it I noticed that the low battery sign was blinking and replaced the batteries. Well seems the rechargeable ones do not give off enough voltage so Ben got some other batteries from his secret hiding spot and tried it again.

Well this morning it was even colder and he extended the deal so I went online and started reading the manual. I carefully started to work through it and got the day set but could not get the time or anything other then the lock to work. I then realized that our touch screen must be dead from a certain point to the bottom because nothing else would work.

It says it is 62°F in my living room (which I think is a big fat lie), and outside its 36°F (I have a thermometer out there) and we're expecting more rain in the next few days.

I think I'll spin yarn and bake for the rest of the day to stay warm.

BTW: I've just finished chapter 12 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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