Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Works in Progress... Lots of Works

Today is all about getting things finished.

This is one of 3 batches
I have a bunch of yarn to skein and more drying. Yesterday was a complete wash as I had to untangle some lace weight because my skeiner had begun to warp a little from the tension of skeining the lace.

Next thing on my list of things to finish is the rest of the foot to my Pointelle sock:
I'm lucky since I have small feet
I'll also finish putting the rest of the phat fiber batts up. I had to redye some of the wool because it did not come out the right shade so I'm hoping for that to cool by noon and up by 3pm.

You see, when I'm really impatient for my roving to dry I use the Yarn Harlot's trick: 8 mins at 250F

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