Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dye Day

Yesterday was the dye day and boy did it go!

After work on Friday I cleaned the house and got down to skeining yarn.

Anna arrived around 1am and we kept going through the night with coffee, Glee, Mad Men, and cake to carry us
Nom... Red velvet cake from the Cheese Cake Factory
I wound about 15 lbs of yarn into skeins and then soaked all of it in my washing machine.

I sadly did not get a picture of how full the washer was but I had to put towels over the top of the yarn to wick the water over the last few skeins I put on top. I even tried to press it down and found the I could not get it to go more then a half inch below the water.

Anna ended up falling asleep around 7am and after I put the last skeins into the washer to soak till 11am, I went upstairs to try and catch 2.5 hours of sleep.

Amazingly sleep never really came. I spent an hour going over everything in my head, then I tried for an hour to fall asleep. I think I dozed off for a few minutes because I suddenly woke up at 9:10am thinking I was going to over sleep and not be prepared for everyone. I at that point felt energized enough from the rest to get through the rest of the day and proceeded to get showered and dressed while Ben slept on (I blame the crck coffee I make).

The ladies got here and after a quick pot luck lunch I debriefed them on how the dye day was set up and we set off.

Around 70 skeins and 6 hours later we called it a day and everyone but Anna and I left. It was fun, there was laughter, jokes, inspiration, and support shared all around. We forgot our cameras and the only pictures are before and afters:

Anna Preparing the Dye 
Me relaxing afterwards with some of my hand dyes
Start checking the shop tomorrow to see the wonder that is the yarn of artists

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