Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twirling Swifts

I have been super busy this weekend with Ben's mother's birthday, running errands for my grandmother, dyeing and getting ready for tonight's dye day release.

I found out last week that my smaller skein winder cannot handle the tension of 2 yarns so I've been winding all the yarn in to cakes and tonight's release will be with the majority of the yarns in cakes.

The larger cakes are 2 skeins dyed together that I will skein to split them up

I was planning on winding them into skeins before tonight, but I found a box of more dyed yarns that I'd put under next month Phat Fiber samples. So now I'm just going to wind them into cakes, which might be easier for those that do not have swifts and ball winders.

25 more skeins to ball
I'm really happy with this latest dye day and think that having my artsy friends come to dye really helps me keep yarns in stock that are all different. I have color combinations that I would have never thought of, tons of yarn that only took a day to dyed (and over a week to get steamed and rinsed) and a day with my friends.
One of my favorite lace weights with Doctor Who in the Background
After a big dye day there is always holes to fill in with the colorways. Often times we get very colorful combinations but that leaves little for the knitters that like subtle colorways, "manly" colors and more muted tones. For this reason I spend my spare time dyeing skeins that are more solid in color and established colorways that I need.

Filling in the holes
Now I need to get back to work, but tomorrow I will begin to post all of the new yarns!

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  1. So excited to see the yarn, both in person and up in the shop! Congrats on a successful dye day and having lots of gorgeous inventory to entice and placate knitters all over the world.