Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Smell of Wool in the Morning

This morning has been a relaxing one.

After the past 2 weeks of having deadlines to meet, wool to prep, class projects, and errands to run, I took the time to savor this morning. I drank my tea, read some knitting blogs, knit my current project a little (I'll share after its done so I don't jinx the timeline on it), and planned the grocery list.

Today I have homework to do so after I shower I'm going to get on that and then start putting things up in the store.

Yesterday there was so much yarn at the knit night that our usual calm group of 9 took over 5 tables (2 were for yarn), and if you sat near the yarn you could not hear the people sitting near the window, though they were a mere 6 feet away. I was dealing with questions left and right, so very little knitting was done on my part, but I got my customary slice of cake at the beginning and Caren and Meghan were kind enough to help me pack up at the end.

Friday will be a special blog with a feature on my favorite skeins and new colorways that I will be carrying on a regular basis.

Stay Tuned!

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