Friday, September 9, 2011

Forests and the Moon

This weekend and next will chalk full of fiber.

Tonight I will be finishing the Phat Fiber samples and run them to the post office early tomorrow to ship. I’m so excited about the samples that I had to keep myself from spinning it all up! Since the theme is Enchanted Forest I used my local parks as the inspiration.

Living in Santa Cruz means that there are parks with giant redwoods, the San Lorenzo River with trails running with it and sometimes cross it, and there are old railroads you can follow through the forest or take a ride at Roaring Camp to see fossils in the side of the mountains.

I will also be celebrating the Moon Festival with Anna Saturday night. We’ll be having hot pot and eating moon cakes with tea. If you’re outside tomorrow night try drinking a cup of tea and see if you can spot the rabbit in the moon.

There are many legends but the Buddhist is my favorite about how the rabbit ended up on the moon.

A rabbit, monkey, fox and otter were friends. One day the Buddha came along disguised as a hermit begging alms. The monkey climbed the trees and retrieved some fruit and gave it to the hermit. The fox was able to find some milk-curd to present to the hermit. The otter took off into the water and brought the hermit some fish. The hermit built a fire so he could cook the fish while he ate the fruit and drank the milk.

The rabbit had nothing to give the hermit except some grass which the hermit could not eat, so he threw himself in the fire to become a meal for the alms beggar. Immediately the Buddha revealed himself and saved the rabbit from the flames. He then rewarded the rabbit by drawing his picture in the moon.

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