Friday, September 23, 2011

The Life of a House Bunny

Today is the fifth day of my being unemployed, and I gotta say I'm amazing myself by not stressing over it too much.

I've been scrubbing the bathroom, doing the dishes, rinsing, skeining and balling a ton of yarn, helping my grandmother and job hunting.

This house bunny has plans to finish scrubbing the house, go for more walks, dye more yarn and finish designing more patterns.

My method of pattern making is one that takes focus. I need a desk and computer set up with little to no distractions so I can focus on writing the pattern the first day, knitting it the second and then making corrections on the third. Right now I have about two to three weeks of patterns build up as follows:

Thrummed Mittens
Baby Halloween Socks
Wine Socks (will be my first adult sock pattern)
Fair Isle Mug Cozies
Holiday Socks

Once complete I'll release the pattern and then kits to my local shops and on my online shop so keep your ears and eyes open because there will be lots appearing in the shop.

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