Saturday, June 9, 2012

World Wide Knit In Public Day (or really week)

Today kicks off World Wide Knit In Public Week.

Originally it started out as a single day (June14th as it is the Yarn Harlot's birthday) which all of us knitters would show that there is more of us then others think.

Just today I was talking to a co-worker when she asked what my business was and when I told her I was surprised that she did not give me the look. You know the look, the one that people usually give us before people they explain that we can buy a sweater for less then yarn costs. However she had a friend that knit and she thought it was really cool.

To celebrate this week when we shout our love for our craft from every coffee shop, theater and park I'm giving away a Knitters Without Borders bag to the next 10 people that place an order of $30 or more!

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