Friday, June 1, 2012

1 Year

Well yesterday was the 1 Year Anniversary of the blog and store! I celebrated with a slice of carrot cake naturally.

I feel like I should have some great big thing to say but all I've got is this great joy that we're still trucking along and growing.

We began with just sock yarns and now have stitch markers, DK yarns, lace weight yarns and 2 different sized bags. This year I plan on focussing on the products we already carry and take those further.

We're looking at self striping yarns, ombre yarns and lots more bags. I'm deciding if I want to keep the stitch markers or not. Sometimes I get the urge to play with beads and during those times is when the markers get made.

I really want to start focusing on designing more. I have been on this huge fair isle kick and last weekend Ben and I where in Tahoe and this is what I came back with on Monday:

They are the Selbuvitt or Not Mittens and I'm in love with them. They have been knitting up quickly and will be replacing my ill fitting alpaca mittens.

I'll most likely be designing more fair isle stuff soon and releasing my handspun yarn patterns. We'll see...

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