Saturday, June 2, 2012

Those Quiet Days

Sometimes we just need a quiet day.

Today I'm just sitting around the house waiting till I leave for my friend George's memorial.

A couple of weeks ago I was cooking while chatting online with a friend Danny and he told me that George had passed away. I did not buy it for a few minutes because it was sudden, there was no warning that this was to come (he was a healthy 28 year old), and it felt like a joke George might play on us to just mess with us. But it was true, he'd died.

Now George would not want me to cry or linger on his death so I'm doing all I can not to till I leave.

George was amazing. He had the humor of George Carlin and could make your grandmother smile with his good natured crude jokes. I knew him in middle school, because he was friends with my neighbour, and when I got to high school he was there to welcome me. He was a senior and I was a wide eyed socially awkward freshman. The table we hung out included about 10 other people and we were all social outcasts. We welcomed everyone and had someone brought you to the table George would have been the first one to welcome you.

After high school George went through a rough patch like most of us at the table did, but he caught a break when he got hired at a company that paid him to go to school. He then moved to Georgia to work for the company and later married his girlfriend Ashley.

Though he and I have not seen each other in years he was suppose to come out and visit at the end of this summer. We were going to get as many people from the table together again at my house and revisit those old days.

I'll miss George's usual greeting of "Yar!" online, his excitement when we discuss his visit, his ability to make me laugh, his random email links that you have to brace yourself before you open them (example), and our discussion of what adds best to ramen.

Sorry dude, but I did not make it without crying. You can chide me after greeting me with your usual Yar and a hug.

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