Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Scratch

I love seeing things become something else. Be it roving become yarn and then a cowl, ingredients become bread or children growing up, I love it all.

This morning I was making a Berry Puff Pancake and was thinking about how much I love taking the fresh ingredients and how it becomes a yummy dish. I then realized that it is the same type of love I have for knitting.

I use less berries, because sometimes less is more.

While cooking has more instant gratification then knitting, my love for knitting runs deep because it takes longer then cooking. Knitting takes commitment that sewing and cooking do not have. I love the picking out yarn for a specific project, or even just falling in love with a yarn and searching for a project that will do it justice.

Currently I'm finishing up my Dad's sweater vest for graduation (sorry no pictures as he has not seen it and Mom reads the blog) and I was thinking about how the first sweater vest I made him was not quite right. The cuffs on the arm openings were too big and stuck up, the fit was off and while he likes it, I don't see him wearing it to work much because of these issues.

I'm also becoming something else. I'm becoming a better knitter, a better cook, a better sudoku player, a better girlfriend, and a better daughter. I notice that I also learn new things that make me better everyday and sometimes I have this urge to go back and remake or make something again because I want to apply my new knowledge to it and see how much better it can be.

If this new sweater vest fits my dad well then I'm going to offer to reknit the old one because I want to see and show how I've grown as a knitter. It's like baking the pancake a second time now that I've learned a thing or two about it (like skip the stick of butter and use a spray on butter).

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