Wednesday, April 18, 2012


On March 13th I showed everyone this great big pile of yarn and casted on my swirl:

On April 13th I casted it off and now it is blocking:

The right sleeve is on a blocking mat

This sweater has kept my fingers working through reading a entire books, watching Top Gear, chatting with friends and family during the holidays and its really just amazing.

When I say amazing I'm not only talking about the fit, but the dedication I showed to it.

It felt like just when I was getting bored with it it would have me move onto the next part. Sure the welts kind of got boring around #8, but once I reached #10 I realized I was over halfway through the lower back/collar/fronts and that they were starting to take less time because of the decreases. Caren had assured me that this would happen, but I was so caught up in the fact that I'd casted on 456sts I never thought I could decrease to 216sts.

The back bodice took only last Monday morning and then in the evening I sat down to work on the sleeves and poof. It Was Done!

The only problem I see is that it might not fit. The sleeves turned out to be shorter then I thought they would be and there is a plan if they are too short. But if the entire thing is too small then I'm going to sell it an buy more yarn.

But if all goes well I'm going to twirl in my swirl on my birthday!


  1. As I was reading this post this afternoon, my daughter walked over and asked what I was going to make with that yarn. She looked really disappointed when I told her the yarn wasn't mine and it had already been made into a sweater.

    I think it looks great!

    1. Ha. It's a nice yarn and I enjoyed knitting with it, but I'm sad because the swirl does not fit.

  2. The swirl is so beautiful. My optimistic mind keeps thinking we can make it work.... Not accepting defeat yet!

    1. Oh no. The bottom of it just brushes the top of my butt