Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

Day 4 of KCBW and this one really ties into my process as a knitter.

I live on the coast and the weather changes every few days from nice and sunny to cold and foggy, to muggy and moist. Whenever the weather changes I try to not abandon my knitting but sometimes if its warm and I'm really not feeling my wool shawl I'll switch to a cotton top that I've been wanting to knit for 6 months (like happened yesterday...):

Coachella with Katia Idea Jeans

I rarely will just cast on something new without thinking it through. I always ask myself why my current project is not working for me. Is it too difficult for what I want to do while I knit it? For example last night I reached the heel of Ben's socks, but I wanted to read through Rachael's blog as I knit, so I casted on the Coachella (and then proceed to try and convince myself I could knit through the back loop while reading). I'm also going on a wine tour for my birthday this weekend and I want to wear this since it's summer.

I might be having issues with the yarn. This can lead to a dreadful event of frogging and tossing it back into the stash, but if its a gift I'll try to pair it with something I like. Maybe I get to knit it and watch Casablanca, or I have to knit to a certain point before I can switch to that other WIP I want done so badly.

I do not like to waste my time so everything I knit has a well thought out reason as to why I'm knitting it.

When it comes to the seasons it is more tied to events that are going on. Spring I have birthdays as well as Mother's and Father's Days to plan, summer is kind of a free for all while I shop for Christmas and then Fall and Winter is the mad dash for Christmas.

This over thought process is handy though. My stash is small and nearly everything has a plan, I don't spend the rent on yarn, my stash fits in a small area, I get things done, and I feel like I have control over it all. I might be delusional, but I really feel like I have a handle on the yarn and projects.

Today's Question:
Do you knit for the seasons? Do you have a plan for your knitting? Are you buying yarn left and right without a thought to what it will become? Be honest!

Winners from yesterday:
1. Peppermint Mocha Mama
2. Knittingdancer
3. krisknit


  1. I intend to knit for the seasons but end up impulse buying yarn with no idea of a project in mind, especially in the sales.
    I often end up knitting aran in the summer and 4ply in the winter lol

    rosebob on ravelry

  2. I don't Impulse buy as i dont have the money to do so(no job)
    I Dont really knit for a season.. I knit/or crochet what fits my moods at the time.. which means alot of ufos lol. Most of my yarn was bought for a picture in my head that i had for it but it never gets made and ends up becoming something else.

    dragonracer3 on Ravelry

  3. I buy it when I see it, usually enough for a project, though I do have random balls but everything will eventually get used. I always plan what to knit based on whats in my stash first

  4. I did not get to post a comment yesterday because I was out on the first Iowa yarn shop hop and (pure honesty) completely broke my yarn diet. Doing just as you stated: "buying yarn left and right without a thought to what it will become." I tend to knit whatever tickles my fancy, and I does not seem to go with the seasons.

  5. I like knitting for cold weather which is all about beanies mostly, occasional cowls/scarves, and a few blankets.
    I used to be good and buy only for projects/gifts. Then I dipped a toe on the wild side and for a period of time bought yarn b/c I liked the look of it! Now I've tapered off and am back to being good; well pretty much as I had bought sale yarn at the LYS and at Stitches West I bought a few skeins from ppl I never usually buy from.