Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking for Things

I have just finished my Grandma's lace scarf.

The Scarf is for the Grandmother who gave me
this great rabbit pillow

It's Grandma's Checkerboard Lace made with Eco Dou in Natural.

I'm not really excited about this being done. Like most scarves it felt like it took forever when it really just needed me to buck up and become dedicated to it.

Well the dedication came when I realized that I have broken my second pair of cable needles while knitting my swirl (granted I've been using cheap cable needles). I cannot for the life of me find all my interchangeable needle connectors (that's actually a lie, I have one on my Krista T and the other in my hand). There is one more set of my interchangeable needles floating around, because when I went to grab my size US5's to use this connector I could not find them in the case. The only reason they would ever be out of the case is if they're being used so I'm going to hunt for them.

First I run a mental checklist of my projects and when that comes up with nothing I refer to my Ravelry project's page.

I'm really good at listing my projects because I want to know what size needles I'm using for something in case I decide to just take the needles out of them and use them for something else.

Right now its turned into a game. I see a project with size 5 needles, I grab my handy needle gauge (please note that I've only ever owned one), and I hunt it down to see if its what I'm looking for.

Wish me luck!


  1. Pretty! Bet Grandma will love it!

  2. You loaned me a pair of your needles that are on a connector and somehow changeable, but I don't know what size they are ... Maybe those are the ones you can't find?