Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photography Challenge Day!

Today is all about being creative with yarn, the world and photography. So I give you yarn barf:

I even scrubbed it for you

I hate when I have a tangled mass of yarn (800 yards of blue lace anyone?) so when this topic came up I instantly knew I wanted to address not just the nice fun side of knitting but the bad side of it as well.

So today's question is what is your least favorite thing about knitting? Nupps? Sewing in ends? Realizing you can't count? What makes you want to abandon a project?

Winners from yesterday:
1. josiekitten (Please contact me to get the details)
2. amchart
3. knitterlydesign

PS. Go check out Pat's giveaway at BusyBee. Her roving is awesome!


  1. I had this happen to some yarn back in the summer. I had to walk away from it for a couple of days until I found the patience to sort it out! I am excited to see that I am a winner from yesterday. My email is josiekitten at hotmail dot com, or I am josiekitten on Ravelry.

  2. My least favorite thing about knitting is unknitting when I find an error. A lot of the time, I just rip it all out and start over.

  3. Least favorite thing is the ends!! arrrgh! I can't ever seem to hide them all properly.

  4. Not having enough time to accomplish all I want to. Not knitting fast enough. And I'll abandon a project with just the finishing to do. Don't like finishing ... seams and ends.

  5. Ends, weaving in the dang ends!

    (InJuneau on Ravelry too)

  6. How about - all the above!!! I hate weaving in ends cause no matter what - something always pokes out...I hate when it is a 'simple' project and I keep messing up cause I cant count!....and I hate having to rip out too many times - that means : time to give up on the project!

  7. I hate picking up stitches! If I made a slipped stitch edge- I love it! But if I have to pick up an even number across an edge- shudder

  8. My least favorite thing is when I have found an error and it takes awhile to fix. I abandoned my Bruegel cardigan when I noticed a couple backward cables. I will probably start over on that one. Also abandoned my Kaffe Earth Stripe shawl when I noticed a single missed thread (yarn held double so one got knit up and the other got missed). It was at least 7" down when I discovered it and all the sts. are very tiny. I am just stuck wondering if I frog back or just tie up the missed st. I am leaning toward tying it up, but am not totally sure yet, so there it sits waiting.