Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Ēostre Day!

Seeing as I consider myself more spiritual rather then religious I look as Easter as a day for family, friends and fun.

Growing up Easter was not a big holiday in my family. When I was younger the kids in my complex would have an egg hunt and I would have to find my gift basket. However, since my mother wanted me exposed to many religions, rather then to follow one, things would get rather confusing.

I know what Good Friday and Easter mean to most Christians, I have celebrated Passover with my Jewish friends (and I had to explained to Ben what Passover was and he thinks it's very dark), I have been read the story of Ēostre/Ostrata (which is where the word Easter comes from) and learned that many different places celebrate it differently.

But whatever your beliefs are, wherever you are, I just hope you have a great day and think of how great spring and rebirth is!

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