Thursday, March 22, 2012

That time of day

There is a time of day I love more then anything else. A time which I wish would just stay still and let me savor it.

It's that time from 5-6:30am.

The streets are quiet, the town is dark, it is cold outside and I'm normally alone in the house when I'm up at this time. It just seems like pure potential.

I have risen early and can get a jump start on anything. Today I got up early with Ben, and sat in my office to start the designing of a shawl for the booklet I'm writing for handspun yarns.

This time in the morning is when I feel a calm all around me. Maybe its because no one is up and driving their cars, the birds are still nestled in their nests, or its just the magic a calm crisp morning has.

These are the mornings I get up with Ben when he goes to work, I dress warmly, and curl up with a blanket. I hear some people describe the same feeling of calm while sitting in front of a warm fireplace on a rainy day. While I do not need the rain to have this feeling, it sometimes makes it all the more sweeter.

So today I will work on a shawl, enjoy my tea and wish this time will last a bit longer...

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