Monday, March 26, 2012


Today will be short since I am sick.

Normally when I'm sick I try to just power through it and hope to stay busy enough not to notice the discomfort, this time however I've already given up one day to the sickness and I'm thinking of giving up another.

You can usually tell how sick I am by little indicators, such as this morning I nearly put on my jeans before my underpants.  This type of mistake is usually paired with my inability to knit and just a general liking to hold my knitting like a child holds a loved stuffy.

Yesterday when I finished the picot cast off of my new Holden Shawl I found that I was barely able to count to 4. Then I picked up the swirl, found there was an error, but had zero confidence in myself to fix it while in this state. So I picked up some Eco Duo and cast on a Grandma's Checkerboard Lace Scarf, but it turned out I needed a nap instead so I just cuddle the soft ball of alpaca and merino while on the couch.

Today I have one plan and that is to go to the fabric store and get some fabric I found online. If my day time cold medicine keeps me afloat long enough then I'll take pictures of the new bags and post them.

Till then please knit for me. I doubt I'll get any done today.

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