Monday, March 19, 2012

The Blog

I've got to say that I had really missed the blog when I was stalling to put up the 100th post.

I missed sharing my new projects and adventures, the rush of excitement when I got a comment and the general feeling of being connected to the knitting community.

I personally read about 10 blogs on any given day and I try to comment on my favorites to encourage them to keep the blog going and to update it.

If you want me to read your blog please post a comment with a link and all I ask is that you continue to read my blog and comment occasionally.

I enjoy getting to know new people.

Thank you,


PS. Maybe someday your blog will make my favorites list:

LeeLeeTea - Natalie is about my age and I can really connect with her as a beginning designer

hizKNITS - Stephen lives up in San Francisco and reminds me of why I love the city

Tartelette - Helene's pictures are wonderful, the book reviews informative and someday I hope to make her crab chowder

YarnHarlot - Yep, we all read Stephanie's blog. I love it because I think we're in the same crazy boat when it comes to the fiber arts

PhatFiber - Not only do I love saying "Where my phatties at?" but I also love staying connected with their blog


  1. I'd love if you'd come visit my crazy little piece of the blogging world - it's at

    Pop over and say hi - I just put a fresh pot on.

  2. I think that us knitters have a great online community! Isn't great how everyone can share what they're working on? I'm now following you. :)

    1. Thank Sarah! I think we do have a great community as well. I really like to stay with the herd and connect with my fellow knitters and not just read business blogs all the time. I'm worried that without the fellow fiber addict I'd lose touch with why I love the our community.

      I am following your blog now too

  3. I agree with Sarah, I've read different types of blogs (e.g book, cooking) but they don't have anything like the community the knitters & crocheteres of this world have managed to create. I've made several good friends thanks to blogland.

    Anyway, my blog is

    Can't believe I've never come across your blog before. Will follow ;)