Saturday, October 29, 2011

A very busy bunny

This blog comes to you from Anna's house. Lets all thank Anna for keeping me sane because this week has been a very busy and worrisome week for me.

The first is that I have not finished my Phat Fiber samples. I'm planning on getting them all done on Sunday as I'm sending out snag free stitch markers. I think I can do this. Originally I was planning on doing some yarn and a pattern, but I got side tracked by spinning.

I'm also now behind on holiday knitting and got to get going on that.

But this past week has been a lost because I found out that I had loaded all but disc 17 of The Historian, which I've been listening to as I spin, and I had to go by the Mountain View Library to get the 17th disc. I do love this library, but because I was on a tight time schedule I only had time to load the disc onto my computer and snap this quick picture of the gorgeous garden behind the library:

Mr. Badger and Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows
I use to take the kids I nannied for to this library and after we got books I'd let them run around the garden. They were 10 and 12 so I technically could not play with them because I'd be accused of hovering, so I would sit down and read or knit while keeping an eye on them.

After the library and a quick dinner with my folks I got to go see Tamora Pierce and hug her:

sorry for crummy picture
She's really amusing and down to Earth. Her book In the Hand of the Goddess was the first I read when I was about 9 years old and it really had a hand in shaping the person I became. Alanna was a strong female role model for me and that's just what I needed then.

This weekend is shot as well since I picked up this:

I just took this picture. Its staring at me

So if you'll excuse me... I have some reading to do...

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