Friday, October 21, 2011


This week I started making snag free stitch markers!

As a few might know I use to bead when I lived in Texas, but since moving back to California I have been focusing on my other hobbies, but I still have tons of bead! So I started to make stitch markers with jump rings and wire wrapping but I always hated how the joints of the jump rings would sometimes catch on my lace knitting.

Now I've learned the wonder of crimp beads and stringing wire to make these cute stitch markers. They don't snag on my knitting, they are helping me work through my bead stash and because the bead stash is so large you will all benefit from the low prices!

I'm also designing some patterns that use handspun yarns and some of the patterns will require beads. I don't mean your crazy 600 beaded knitting project that you have to string all the beads before you begin, but patterns that are for beginners and use 50 beads.

So start spinning for the the booklet release on November 15th and take a look at the new stitch markers!

1 comment:

  1. Such a great idea. And so cute! I like that they are snagless (jump rings do tend to catch!).