Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now for Something Completely Different

Okay I know the blog has been kind of boring with all the talk about small businesses and why you should support them. But I have finally gotten the pictures off my camera!

Over the last few weeks my boyfriend (Ben) and I have been trying to find time to go kayaking. The boating company we work for allows us to rent kayaks for free on the weekend and it seems like every time we have tried either his schedule gets changed or the weather is so bad we just sit at home. This weekend however was overcast, but we still went out and I got some great shots of the wild life at Elkhorn Slough:
We followed this gentleman above for about a half hour till he switched side of the bank and met up with this guy:

When I first started taking photos I was having issues because it was too bright to see the preview screen so I just took a few on faith and ended up with some other great shots:

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with burritos from Los Lomas Market. You have not lived till you have one of their pulled pork burritos with lot and lots of green sauce (really it’s the sauce that they make there that makes the trip worth it).

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