Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet the Knit Group

About twice a month I'm able to haul my butt to Fins Coffee in Santa Cruz. The group meets once a week but usually due to plans with Ben I'm only able to escape to the group twice a month.

Now I was going to post a picture of us but the lighting was all wrong, no one was prepared for a photo, and you can't see what the hell we're knitting. So to calm the need for wool in our souls today here are pictures of what I'm currently knitting:

Its the Victorian Scarf made out of Chroma in Regency. Its the second one of these I have made and for some reason I cannot memorize the pattern for the life of me -_-.... It's 8 total rows, 4 of those are plain purl, and it makes hearts/arrows. What could be simpler? I can get the middle part with the yarn overs but because of the scalloped edge I can't memorize it.

Other then my inability to memorize the pattern, its a great knit! I have used worseted weight yarn with a size 10.5US and its only taken one season of Sons of Anarchy and one knit night to knit it up.

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